We have grown from being a retailer of components and equipment for the refrigeration industry, to being a full-fledge design/build Company that provides reliable, customized solutions for applications that require cooling or freezing, and gas compression for the power, oil & gas industries.

With over 30 years experience behind us, we developed a keen sense of integrating technology and methodlogy that provides our customers with safe, reliable and highly optimized systems tailored to customer needs perfectly. Our team of experienced and young talented individuals simply help make things better.

Add that to our experience with a wide variety of equipment and solutions to meet your budget, and efficiency.


Today, production methods and processes are being challenged and new approaches or ideas are needed and close cooperation with customers to understand and meet these challenges to provide the right temperature control or seek new ways to manufacture products more efficiently is our trademark approach.

With ever growing challenges, you can be sure we are working to bring new technologies, approaches and methodlogy that benefit our customers. Our quest for knowledge and expertise in the integration and application of heat transfer, electronics and compression technologies helps in creating the right solution for you, now and into the future.