A big thank you to Eurammon for publishing the article in their blog, written by our Technical Director, Mr Chew Soon Jin. The contribution of this case study will inform the refrigeration industry on the importance of taking measures to improve overall efficiency in order to achieve optimal temperature in cold rooms. Design, equipment, electronics and appliances are combination parameters that lead to better energy efficiency.

Take a few minutes to read through the case study. Worth reading!

Excerpt from the article:

Load calculations are the first step in determining the overall cooling load for the refrigerated warehouse and selecting the appropriate equipment. The load calculations include four parameters: insulation, air infiltration, product load and miscellaneous load. Generally, insulation and miscellaneous loads constitute a stable or constant load that may be accurately determined. However, air infiltration rates due to door opening frequency/duration and product throughput are usually “guesstimates”, so these load estimates tend to be conservative unless the client provides better input.

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