NRS - 3D Modelling
Did you know that we provide 3D modeling to show our clients how we’re planning to execute their project?

Here’s the work of Mr. Affendi, our draftsman for Golden Scoop Baskin Robbin, a project currently in progress. In this project, we’re tasked to engineer a refrigeration system for their new cold room project in Sepang, Selangor.

Want to know why we prioritize 3D modelling for all our projects? That’s because 3D modelling can benefit both our clients and us by:

1️⃣ Improved marketing and project approval process
2️⃣ Clearly visualize physical dimensions in our project design
3️⃣ Help customers in adjusting object arrangement to overcome space and movement restrictions as well as room size corrections.
4️⃣ Expedites project execution with less reworks, request for information and changes, while increasing team productivity

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